Ferroli Modena 38c

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5 Years
KW output
38 kW
Flow Rate
21.8 (l/m)
The latest addition to Ferroli’s Modena HE range of high efficiency domestic boilers delivers a mighty 38kW output whilst remaining one of the smallest, lightest, quietest and most affordable complete combi boilers on the market. Perfect for larger domestic properties, the new 38c Modena HE comes with all the same superb features as the 27kW and 32kW models but is still one of the most compact and lightweight boilers in its class at just 600 x 400 x 350mm and 33kg. That’s a massive 38kW for a mere 30mm extra depth and 1.5kg extra weight.
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  • Brand: Ferroli
  • Model: Ferroli Modena 38c
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