Sentinel X100 Inhibitor 1 Litre

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Sentinel X100 Inhibitor has TripleTech Anti-Corrosion Technology, a unique blend of heavy-duty specialist corrosion inhibitors. Since central heating systems are normally made up of a variety of metals, each of these specialist inhibitors provides protection for different metals for unrivalled performance in protecting multi-metal central heating systems.

For best results, we at PlumbNation Plumbing Supplies recommend that you clean and drain your system with Sentinal X400 before using Sentinel X100 Inhibitor.

  • Effectively control scale and corrosion
  • pH neutral formulation- easy to handle
  • Ensures optimum boiler efficiency
  • Prevents boiler noise
  • Prevents pin-holing
  • Helps prevent the formation of hydrogen gas
  • A simple test kit is available to check levels
  • 1-litre bottle

All Sentinel products are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards. They are subsequently endorsed by all boiler manufacturers and help protect the product during the warranty period (against premature damage from scale and corrosion) that can have an adverse effect on efficiency or even cause-related breakdowns.

Sentinel products form part of the requirement of UK Building Regulations (Part L), which stipulate that any the installation of any boiler should be cleaned and then treated with a suitable chemical inhibitor’. If you are located in a region of the UK that suffers from hard water, then the regulations also recommend the fitting of an inline scale reducer such as the Salamander SESI.

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